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I haven’t written anything in months, I was angry with everything for a bit. I was frustrated, still hurt overall with what happened over the last year, and honestly, just tired. Anger is such an… Read More »Changes

Falling Down

So last night, I was just in a rut. So I ended up pouring a little bit of jack into my drink. I’d already had some beer, but last week has been hammering me mentally.… Read More »Falling Down


Yeah I know I suck at titles, don’t care. Today, I thought about my death, and I didn’t freak out. No panic! attack. Just a calm decidedly simple thought, that it’s ok. This journey of… Read More »Death

Final resting

So most of what I’ve been dealing with has been directly related to my brother’s passing. From the heavy depression to the alcoholism, to the emotions overall. This journey I’ve undergone definitely has been trying… Read More »Final resting

Not good

So where to start. Depression is definitely no joke. When it comes down to the wire, I know I’m extremely depressed. Not suicidal at all, but I just can’t get over my emotions. And it’s… Read More »Not good


Ok so I’m not going to go deep into what happened, I think I mentioned enough in the last post. But I think it’s important to say that I felt like crap. Like super, duper,… Read More »Aftermath

The 1st entry

I could have killed myself on accident. It actually took me a few weeks of wading through emotions, but I really could have killed myself and it would have totally been an accident. This is… Read More »The 1st entry